Small Portable Concrete Construction Waste Crusher

Structure Of Hydraulic Overload Protection Device

The hydraulic overload protection device of Single Toggle Jaw Construction Waste Crusher is mainly composed of working hydraulic cylinder, accumulator, plunger type fuel injection pump, cam device, oil pressure regulating device, action valve, oil filter and fuel tank.

Working Hydraulic Cylinder


It provides the thrust for the normal work of the Single Toggle Jaw Construction Waste Crusher thrust plate. When overloading, the oil pressure in the cylinder rises and the piston moves back to the right to limit the maximum crushing force of the Single Toggle Jaw Construction Waste Crusher.


The oil pressure pulsation of the hydraulic system is reduced so that the action valve can vent the oil accurately when it is overloaded.

Cam Device

It is the mechanical energy input device of the plunger type injection pump plunger up and down.

Oil Pressure Regulating Device

According to the rise or fall of the system oil pressure, through the action of its internal small piston, the piston of the plunger type fuel injection pump is driven by the pulling fork mechanism to rotate one angle in counterclockwise or clockwise direction.

Jerk Fuel Injection Pump


High pressure oil is provided to the system, and the spiral groove is milling on the cylinder surface of the plunger. There are channels and plungers on the surface of the plunger, and the pump chamber on the plunger is communicated with each other, and there are oil inlet holes and oil return holes on the plunger bushing. The effective stroke of the pump oil is determined by the relative position between the plunger and the plunger bushing. When the plunger is rotating counterclockwise, the effective stroke decreases and the pump oil is less. On the contrary, the pump oil increases.

Action Valve

For the designed apparatus, there are two different piston area, when the chamber pressure is higher than the lower pressure, the piston moves down, the oil chamber; when the chamber pressure is less than or equal to the lower pressure when the piston is at the upper limit position, leakage of hydraulic system oil port is blocked in the normal working state.

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