Talc Powder Machine Production Line

Talc Powder Machine Production Line

How to remove dust from Talc Powder Machine in production

Now, the occurrence of haze in China has made people realize the harm of dust pollution to human health. For the suppliers of industrial powder production, dust pollution is also a headache for the major producers. Talc Powder Machines are the main equipment for the production of mineral powder, and the major suppliers of powder production are choosing. The quality of the Talc Powder Machine is very important in the equipment, but many of them neglect the importance of the dust removal equipment and the strictness of the whole production line.

We know that in the production process of mineral powder dust is inevitable, because can not stop the production of dust, completely eliminate the impact of dust on the environment and users in the production of life. We need to reduce dust emissions as much as possible and do everything possible to reduce dust pollution to a lower level, which is not only the goal of powder producers but also the pursuit of Talc Powder Machine suppliers.

Because of different materials, the dust produced is also different. We can make different classifications. The physical and chemical characteristics of dust can be divided into organic dust, inorganic dust and mixed dust. For the production of dust, there are generally two situations, one is the production process of Talc Powder Machine is not rigorous, dust leakage phenomenon, for dust leakage, Shibang Group believes that Talc Powder Machine in the powder market is very high frequency, in various industries in the application of demand is very large, so equipment technology 1 Must be strict, not only the quality of Talc Powder Machine, but also pay attention to the Talc Powder Machine production line process, if dust leakage, it is necessary to solve in time. And there is a normal production of dust, the common treatment is to install a dust collector, Talc Powder Machine equipment dust is also very important.

To solve the problem of dust leakage in Talc Powder Machine, we have summarized the following points:

1, check the gap of each pipe of the Talc Powder Machine.

2, you can choose wet dust collector.

3, the equipment inspection and the work record, so as to avoid loopholes.

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